Vision Statement:
To unite people all over the world with a common language and cultural
understanding for one another.
ETC has Canadian staff and teachers to provide an English ONLY environment.
All group classes are 2 hours with 2-3 students in the class

Jane Solovyov's first lesson in growing a small business came hard and fast – on the same day that the jets slammed into the World Trade Center towers.

"I had an appointment on September 11, 2001, to sign my first lease with the landlord," said Solovyov, who was opening ETC English Training Centre when she woke up to the news. "I phoned the owner and said, 'Can we postpone the appointment?' I feel so terrible thinking about business and signing a lease when so many people have lost their lives.'"

The landlord's reaction was quick and unequivocal: "'Jane, business is business,'" Solovyov related. "'We have an appointment and we are going to sign the lease.'"


ETC Students Say:
  Learning English at ETC is amazing! The teachers are friendly and encouraging, and the teaching method is unique and effective. Students can learn to speak clear professional and assertive English! You should try the school. I am sure you will like it.
Mariko Nakamura
  At ETC you can learn a lot of useful phrases and idioms not taught at other ESL schools. At ETC I practice English for daily life situations, and I can learn about business or perfect my pronunciation. I feel confident when talking to native English speaker! I recommend this school to you from the bottom of my heart!
Masako Wada
  Since I started learning English at ETC, I have gotten a second wind! ETC is totally different than other ESL schools I was in. Friendly and professional teachers not only correct our grammar, but also show us a lot of real-life idioms and expressions. If you want to get to the next stage and talk like a native speaker, you should definitely go to ETC!!
Shinobu Nakamura
  I’ve been studying for 2 months at ETC. It was the best decision that I’ve ever made! ETC is really an excellent school. Teachers as well as classmates are great, helpful and open-minded. I’m studying English in a good atmosphere everyday. Furthermore, I can make my own schedule and choose from a variety of classes. This school has been a great help in improving my English. I highly recommend studying at ETC!
Young-Ju Kim
  My name is Kobong. I have been at ETC for 4 months and in Canada for 10 months. I have been to many schools in Vancouver since I have been here, but found that all of the other schools were the same and that I would get bored there very fast. What happen was that I would miss a lot of classes. However, at ETC it is different. The classes are fun, and there are many different classes. Right now I am taking writing, daily conversation, pronunciation and phrasal verb classes. I’ve learned a lot. In fact, I could write 3 to 4 pages about everything that I have learned. At ETC I learned “real English”. I really recommend everyone to take a trial lesson. I guarantee that you will not regret it! Anyways, I will stay at ETC until I have to return to Korea.
Kobong Choi